Alex Forbes

Alex was born in Paisley, Scotland. He is a graduate of Twickenham Art College in England where he earned a Surrey Diploma for Illustration and a Degree in Illustration and Design from the L.S.I.A.D. (Licentiate, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers). His career has included work as a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator for the BBC as a freelance artist, and for Thames Television as a Senior Graphic Designer for twenty years. Alex’s illustrations have been published in the European Illustrators Yearbook and in a number of periodicals. He has exhibited in galleries in London.

Since moving to the USA, Alex has continued to illustrate and paint, and is represented by Leyden Diversified. He has exhibited at the Chestnut Hill Gallery. Many of his paintings are of the Wissahickon and local scenes.
Alex is in his third year of teaching Illustration at the Hussian School of Art and he teaches watercolor in Chestnut Hill. He also referees High School soccer.